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Massage in Clearwater Florida

Are you stressed out?          Do you have Aches and Pains?
Reward yourself after a long hard day with a relaxing massage. All varieties of massage services are available, allowing you to relax or re-energize. Choose a Bhakti allowing you to drift off to sleep or Stone Therapy to re-energize. All massages are personally designed for your own needs. To bring the whole experience together, the right music, lotion or cream, fragrance and crystals may be incorporated with you massage.

Speciality Massage

Bhakti: A lovely constant attention, pace and movement, conscious energy.
Very relaxing 90 min $130.00

Swedish: gentle manipulation using long strokes, kneeding and tapping. Very relaxing
30 min - $40.00 60 min - $75.00

Theraputic (deeptissue): deep pressure used to relax and work out sore muscles
30 min - $40.00 60 min - $75.00

Stone therapy (hot/cold): warm or cold stones used to relax muscles and induce a calming state of mind
60 min - $80.00

Reflexology: method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the hands and feet
30 min - $40.00 60 min - $75.00

Myofascial / sports massage: techinique used to relieve muscle pain resulting from abnormally tight muscle fibers
60 min - $80.00

Ice massage: delivered in a warm room, cryrotherapy (ice) is used to reduce swelling and associated pain
60 min - $75.00

Add ons:
Parafin: hands and feet

Stones: add a few to your massage
5 stones - $10.00

Herbal foot bath